Ugonna Hosten

Ugonna Hosten

Ugonna Hosten is a multi-disciplinary visual artist working across media encompassing collage, printmaking, photography and assemblage. Themes of myth, the unconscious and mysticism are prevalent in her work.

Born in Nigeria and migrating to the UK as a child, Ugonna’s work seeks to explore how meaning might be made of a dialectic backdrop. In shaping the meeting place of two worlds she is informed by her intuitive imagination, and literature; Ugonna considers the creating of alternate and fantastical worlds, as a way of building on the rich legacy and tradition of storytelling.

 In her most recent works; the concept of etiological myths is explored within a modern family dynamic. Entitled “A mother, her three daughters and their Chi” the series of etching is rooted in the African philosophical framework of a people known as the Igbo; located in the south eastern area of Nigeria. Drawing from a deeply personal narrative about aspiration and loss this current body of work seeks to examine the connection between the conscious and subconscious realm manifested through the presence of ‘chi’. A personal diety analogous to the concept of a guardian angel in Christianity, the daemon in ancient Greek religion, and the genius in ancient Roman religion.