Mick Armson

Mick Armson

Mick Armson spends as much time as possible drawing on location. Living in Greenwich, the location is often London-based, but it can be equally be anywhere in the UK or further afield.

The Pembrokeshire coast in Wales is a much revisited source of inspiration with Tenby Museum providing the venue for ‘Drawn From The Edge’, a large solo show of his coastal drawings, paintings and printmaking, at the beginning of 2020.

Drawings and paintings are completed on location, forming the basis for lino prints and etchings produced in the studio.

The resulting coastal and urban landscapes aim to convey a sense of movement through a moment in time. They often contain an element of narrative and always pay attention to closely observed incidental detail.

The River Thames is a constant feature in Mick’s work, so his riverside studio is wonderfully situated at Thames-Side Studios, Woolwich, London.