Ellie Hayward

Ellie Hayward

Ellie Hayward recently graduated with a BA from the Slade School of Fine Art, where her practice focused on print and sculpture. Within both mediums she explores ideas around space, with a focus on liminal and in-between spaces. The architectural language of spaces such as corridors, thresholds and boundaries, create places of transition in our everyday lives.

Over time she has experimented and developed the way in which she creates both the prints and sculptures. This has resulted in the prints becoming more sculptural and the sculptures more like drawings. It is this confused relationship and overlap between the two processes which interests Ellie. Through working with both mediums she has explored the in-between/liminal space between 2D and 3D. It is the intersection between the two where she intends her work to be.

With her prints she combines different etching processes, layering aquatint and photo-etching within the same print. She convert photographs of her sculptural works into photo-etchings, incorporating and blending them within the aquatint drawings. Imagery and motifs within the prints are constantly repeated and she tries to play with the space created by the plate and subsequent emboss on the paper. The composition of the etching within the plate helps to hint at the scale and space in which the objects exist within.