Bea Denton

Bea Denton

Bea Denton’s practice explores ideas around death and loss, faith and ritual. Photography, printmaking, found materials and lost images are intrinsic to her creative process. Pushing the boundaries of the technical and physical limitations of photography, her work transcends its realist conventions to achieve a deeper resonance. In her examination of faith and death, Denton attempts to find meaning and dimension through the imprint of time, light and phenomena.

Denton is a collector and archivist of anonymous lives, departed and reincarnated, in pursuit of an essence in the image: the 'soul'. In this series, Resurrection/Insurrection, enigmatic images from found 1940’s photographic negatives have been captured, methodically archived and interrogated to imagine and re-present new narratives, perceptions and memories – a resurrection.

Denton graduated from UAL with Distinction in MA Fine Art Printmaking. She has exhibited widely, including publicly-sited work. She won the 2009 Creekside Open prize selected by Jenni Lomax; the 2007 Deptford X MacDonald Egan Award for Public Art, and the 2002 Ardizzone Prize (Major) for Printmaking.

Denton has taught at AUB, UAL and in Brazil and China, and is a Trustee for Lewisham Education Arts Network (LEAN).