Kiki Wang solo exhibition at PM/AM, London (until 23 Aug 2021)

Kiki Wang solo exhibition at PM/AM, London (until 23 August 2021)

Kiki Wang's (Unit 0, Studio 0-113) solo exhibition 13 (A Robin Red Breast In A Cage, Puts All Heaven In A Rage) is currently on display until 23 August at PM/AM.

"Her work reveals a close up inspection of the physicality of objects, centralising the richness of their textures and tones. It would be too limiting to simply say she follows a lineage of still life painters, however. Kiki’s technique imparts a heightened sensuality to surface, elevating the mundane to the divine. Through this her subjects are imbued with esoteric significance that transcends understanding, creating a sense of power and symbolism that doesn’t require or allow explanation." - text courtesy PM/AM.

Winner of the first Emerging Artist Prize at the John Moores Painting Prize, this is Kiki's first solo exhibition outside of China.

Exhibition dates: 16 July-23 August
Open Monday-Saturday, 10-7pm, Sunday 10–4pm
PM/AM at Working Project, 50 Golborne Road, London W10 5PR

Image: Kiki Wang, courtesy PM/AM and the artist, 2021