Thames-Side Studios Online: Portraits for NHS Heroes Project

Thames-Side Studios Online: Portraits for NHS Heroes Project

A number of artists based at Thames-Side Studios have taken part in the Portraits for NHS Heroes project, originally initiated by artist Thomas Croft, with their painting being gifted to the participant as part of a bigger thank you to NHS workers in the Covid-19 pandemic. You can view their works in the slideshow above.

Participating artists:
Frank Creber (Unit 8, Studio TB-258)
Rachel Matton (Unit 5, Studio 5-338)
Jane Molineaux Boon (Unit 5, Studio 5-336)
Ray Richardson (Unit 8, Studio TB-121)
Alastair Searles (Unit 5, Studio 5-240)
Sophie Venturini Creber (Unit 5, Studio 5-315)

About the Portraits for NHS Heroes Project:

Portrait artist Thomas Croft, at a loss as to what to paint during lockdown, put out an offer on Instagram on 4 April, saying he would paint a free portrait for the first National Health Service (NHS) worker to reply:

"I'm offering a free oil portrait to the first NHS frontline worker to DM me, I will work in lockdown from a photo you can provide me with. You get to keep the oil portrait and when the restrictions are lifted we can have an exhibition of all the portraits. Tag any artist who you think might want to participate and any NHS key workers you think deserve a portrait. #portraitsfornhsheroes

However, Croft received so many requests that he eventually put 500 NHS workers in touch with professional artists, who volunteered to paint them (text courtesy Wikipedia, 10 July 2020).