Thames-Side Studios Online: Lockdown, A Child's View

Thames-Side Studios Online: Lockdown, A Child's View

Studio holders with students, children or grandchildren who had created artwork during the lockdown of Spring 2020 were invited to exhibit their works online.

Brief: "A child's response to your time in lockdown. Schools have been closed and you've had time to contemplate and think. Perhaps it's a realistic view out of your bedroom window, or an imaginative view in your mind, or a dream of a future world. In your mind anything is possible!"

View their works in the slideshow above.

Participating artists:

  • Maalik Akinwale, 5 years
  • Amirat Akinwale, 11 years
  • Ayobami Akinwale, 13 years
  • Reed Ashcroft-To, 11 years
  • Matas Butkus, 11 years
  • Isla Combes, 6 years
  • Izzy Creber, 5 years
  • Nima Ebadi, 12 years
  • Oscar Garbauskas, 9 years
  • Elizabeth McCloud, 11 years
  • Charlie Payne, 7 years
  • Alice Robbins, 7 years
  • George Robbins, 9 years
  • Lanah Snell-Passi, 2 years
  • Saskia Simons, 12 years
  • Phoenix Stewart-Benjamin, 5 years