Thames-Side Studios Lounge: Ephemeral Utopias (7-29 Aug 2021)

Thames-Side Studios Lounge

Ephemeral Utopias
Jeannie Ho Ching Wong, Monica Tong, Xintong Zhang, Ania Rekas, Diyou Yu

Exhibition dates: 7-29 August 2021
Preview: Friday 6 August, 6-9pm

‘What I depict is a symbol of human mind, the scenery itself tells the story, without human mind, there will not be feelings about nature.’ Kaii Higashiyama

"We are a group of makers contemplating the embedded meanings behind the surface of ‘seeable’ landscapes. Via re-interpreting and reshaping the captured moments with etching, mokuhanga, monoprint, darkroom print and fired clays, we are measuring the distance between the reality and told memories, presenting the neglected beauty and hidden stories, and relocating the individual standing points onto the new lands of the coming future.

We teamed up as a collective after the outbreak of the global pandemic during our MA study programme at Royal College of Art. With the help of Thames-Side Studios we are able to reach wider audiences to exhibit the fruits of our two-year study." - Diyou Yu, July 2021

Jeannie Ho Ching Wong, Royal College of Art Printmaking 2019-21 @jeannie_rabbithole
Monica Tong, Royal College of Art MA Ceramics & Glass 2019-21 @studio.m.ceramics
Xintong Zhang, Royal College of Art Printmaking 2019-21 @xintongzhangtong
Ania Rekas, Royal College of Art Printmaking 2019-21 @ania.rekas
Diyou Yu, The Gate Darkroom (Unit 0-003) and Royal College of Art Printmaking 2019-21 @d.y.303_yu

Price list of works with images (pdf): Ephemeral Utopias - price list.pdf
Download artist bios and list of works (pdf) here: FINAL 2021-08 TSS Lounge Ephemeral Utopias List of Works A4.pdf

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