Kristina Page

Thames-Side Studios Viewing Room

Kristina Page
By-products and slow processes

Exhibition Dates: 7-29 August 2021

"Many of these works have come about as a by-product of something else…. Working with teabags, for instance, came about in a way to connect my art practice with looking after my mother each week since the first lockdown last year (most of them came from her); and the edges work as a by-product of emptying tea.

This ongoing process holds a moment in time inclusive of a relationship to me and I have appreciated the ritual of it. I have been sewing these, and the other black and white drawing squares at home, the act of sewing has become integral to many artists I look at, maybe the acts of puncturing the surface and connecting things together are needed during this time. Or maybe its just to do with mess control.

The other painted works on canvas are made in my studio, often using a mix of materials which become layered as my search for the right texture/or line/ or pattern, takes time. I work to build layers that are visible, but without any point of focus.

I have been part of the Turps Correspondence Course this year and have found the chance to dialogue about my work with a mentor as an ongoing process extremely helpful, (anyone thinking about it feel free to connect with me on Instagram @kpage4 if you have any questions."
- Kristina Page (Unit 7, Studio 7-208), July 2021.

Click here for list of works (pdf): Kristina Page A4 List of Works.pdf

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Image: Kristina Page, courtesy the artist 2021

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