Thames-Side Studios Viewing Room: Rodion Ulrich Studies (17 Oct-22 Nov 2020)

Thames-Side Studios Viewing Room

Rodion Ulrich

Exhibition Dates: 17 October - 22 November 2020
Following Goverment guidelines announced on 31 October 2020 this exhibition will be available for online viewing only.

"The figurative or 'recognisable' elements in this series are partly based on the decade-old photographic documentation of Vladimir Umanetz’s and Marcin Lodyga’s studio work. In 2010, during their stay in Cairo, both artists were developing the idea of an obscure post-artistic phenomenon known as yellowism, which later triggered their gradual resignation from art. They've tested various ideas and as a result, produced numerous flat and three-dimensional sketches and notes. I’ve remixed chosen fragments of Umanetz’s and Lodyga’s research outcomes on canvas and therefore, describe these paintings as yellowism studies. It seems to me that there is an increasing tendency to call all art political, which I rather question. My intention was to capture that specific time period, when such questioning occurs. So it is also correct to refer to a sequence of those murals as a time-within-time works." — Rodion Ulrich, London, 15 September 2020

Rodion Ulrich is a painter based in Unit 7, Studio 7-124. He’s currently studying Fine Art at the UAL Chelsea College of Arts. Studies is Ulrich’s first public exhibition to date. For more follow

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Thames-Side Studios Viewing Room is located on the ground floor of Unit 8. Entrance to Unit 8 is via The Atrium. Turn left upon entering the main site, walk through The Atrium turning to the left, to find the exhibition located between studios TB-10 and TB-09. For more information email

Viewing Room, Unit 8
Thames-Side Studios
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