Thames-Side Studios Gallery: Nick Rawcliffe (7-29 Nov 2020)

Thames-Side Studios Gallery

Nick Rawcliffe
A Bit of Light Work

Exhibition Dates: 7-29 November 2020
Following Government guidelines announced on 31 October 2020 this exhibition will be available for online viewing only.

Nick Rawcliffe’s first London solo gallery show is a collection of sculptural lighting, installations and experimental furniture. The work explores contrasting boundaries and questions the brain’s interpretation of black and white, light and dark.

Over the past decade Nick has explored optical illusion, science and astronomy in his work (even giving weight to the beliefs of the Flat Earth Society!), creating light sculptures that question the boundaries fabricated between art and product design. His work lives in the grey edges, experimenting with the manipulation of light, exploring textures.

As we live and work in a period of enormous upheaval during a global pandemic, Nick asks, “If I am to continue working against the grain and doing things that others don’t, why not have a gallery show under the threat of a second lockdown? I think we all have to look for opportunities to create in and for our restructured world”.

For more information email or call Nick on 07711 604 323.

About Nick Rawcliffe
Nick's early education was fuelled by a hunger to know how things work, leading to the realm of invention and engineering, melded into product design and later concentrating on user centred design and creating products for mass production. He studied at Bristol University, The Royal College of Art and the Bauhaus in Dessau, Germany.

Questioning manufacturing processes, the offensive use of materials and massive inefficiencies of global logistics pushed Nick towards designing for local batch production using locally sustainable materials. The vehicle for these products is Rawstudio, a design studio successfully creating and selling innovatively designed products since 2004.

Exhibiting his lighting sculpture The Dark Side at the Royal Academy’s 2019 Summer Exhibition gave Nick the impetus to concentrate on more adventurous and exploratory light pieces.

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