Thames-Side Studios Gallery: Broughton & Birnie (3-20 December 2020)

Thames-Side Studios Gallery

Broughton & Birnie
Our Current State

Following the latest Government Guidelines for Tier 3 restrictions the Gallery is now closed (16-20 December 2020).

Exhibition Dates: 3-20 December 2020
Open Monday and Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 12-5pm, and by appointment with the artists via email here.

Our Current State as the title for this show of recent paintings works on several levels – Our, relates to our personal experience and that of the society we belong to – Current, nearly all of the work was completed this year, and reflects our changing reflections on the strange times we’re living in – State, refers both to our personal state of mind and that of the country we live in.

We began collaborating in 2003 using humour to facilitate discussion of society’s stresses from political and cultural change in our work, originally as a direct conscious effort but more recently it has become a natural part of our ‘conversational’ painting procedure. Living and working together means we experience and are affected by the same things. The trust and intimacy gained by our relationship allows the unique way our painting style has developed – we don’t plan or discuss a work before or during its production, we rely on each other to respond or develop the painting as one would a conversation until we find a mutually agreeable conclusion, like conversations the painting can start and stop, change directions but only concludes when all is said on the subject. We talk about almost everything in our lives but the painting in hand – that is conversed through the development of the paint itself.

Most of the paintings in the show were produced this year, reflecting our experiences of lockdown, self-isolation and the ongoing discussion of the relationship with our European neighbours, informed by social and national media. Of the larger paintings Tip, The Kingdom and Self-Eaters are influenced by the world’s response to the social and political effects of the pandemic, The Bridge (unfinished) explores ideas of the limited options for communication while The Reluctant Guest and The Eye reflect on a more personal experience of the chaos.

The absurdity derived from the tragic-comic of political failures, scientific successes and heroic perseverance pay testament to our ability to adapt to chaotic times and fuel our interest in reflecting the contemporary human condition.
Broughton & Birnie, December 2020

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Tier 2 lockdown restrictions (2 December 2020)
Following latest Government Guidelines the following rules apply to gallery visitors:
• Please scan the QR code with your NHS COVID-19 App to check-in.
• Please use the hand sanitiser provided.
• Face masks are compulsory in the Gallery. If you don’t have a mask one will be provided.
• No more than 20 people in the Gallery at any time.
• Gallery invigilators and visitors must not meet with anybody outside their household or support bubble whilst inside the Gallery.
• Outside the Gallery the ‘Rule of Six’ applies.

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