Thames-Side Studios Lounge: Marianne Simonin (17 Aug-22 Sep 2019)

Thames-Side Studios Lounge

Marianne Simonin, Of Spirits & Impressions
Exhibition Dates: 17 August - 22 September 2019
Preview: Friday 23 August, 5-9pm
Finissage: Thursday 19 September, 6-9pm

Thames-Side Studios based Marianne Simonin (Unit 5 Studio 205) presents a new series of work.

“In this series I seek to access the unknown and the unseen by capturing impressions of what surrounds me, or by recollecting dreams and past lives. My art practice is twofold, either abstract to capture just the energy of what I see, or very figurative to represent what I feel intuitively. The choice of my titles are part of the creative process, and in many occasions they initiate the paintings. Using different media I can explore layers of colours to create depth, or use drips to allow a momentum between chance and control. The work produced has a psychological or spiritual presence.” - Marianne Simonin, July 2019.

Marianne Simonin is a French artist whose work explores essentially female energy, Tantric symbolism and nature. Her source of inspiration and references stem from poetry, songs, emotions and meditative states. She uses a variety of media, mostly oils for the richness of colours and the flexibility of the medium, but also acrylics, charcoal, inks and photography.

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