Thames-Side Studios Gallery: SIX DAYS IN DECEMBER, curated by Martin Gayford (7-15 December 2019)

Thames-Side Studios Gallery

Curated by Martin Gayford

Exhibition Dates: 7-15 December 2019
Preview: Friday 6 December 2019, 6-9pm

Anna Jung Seo
Brigitte Parusel
David Oates
Dominic Kennedy
Henry Ward
Holly Hendry
Howard Dyke
Iain Paxon
Martin Gayford
Nicky Hodge
Phil Ashcroft
Sacha Meaden
Sarah Woodburn

Six days in December
Us in a space of perfect or imperfect objects; delicate, intimate
muddy, explosive or playful
You want to play a game
Looking at him on the back of your bike
Surrounded by stained glass with a house in the distance
A river or the side of a building, somebody said they saw you
I looked as though I’d been dragged through a bush, apparently
I had to say it, your sunlit eyes, when October had come
We made a connection, we had one great moment together
I visited you in your studio near the Hermit’s Cave
Alongside slices of sedimentary rock
And what looks like an apparition rising up behind
This is the time I spent wandering while choosing
Everyone you meet tonight radiates warmth
I can’t stay long, it’s been such a lovely visit
I don’t care what we do, I’m sorry it’s embarrassing
I had to say it - I miss you
Ooh ooh baby I do

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