Thames-Side Studios Gallery: Cynthia Cruz, James Lincoln (2-17 Mar 2019)

Thames-Side Studios Gallery

Cynthia Cruz and James Lincoln
Faces Faeces

Exhibition Dates: 2-17 March 2019
Preview: Friday 1 March 2019, 6.30-8.30pm

“Long live transfinite mountains, the hollow earth, time machines, fractal writing, aliens, dada, telepathy, flying saucers, warped space, teleportation, artificial reality, robots, pod people, hylozoism, endless shrinking, intelligent goo, antigravity, surrealism, software highs, two-dimensional time, gnarly computation, the art of photo composition, pleasure zappers, nanomachines, mind viruses, hyperspace, monsters from the deep and, of course, always and forever, the attack of the giant ants!” - Rudy Rucker, author.

An exhibition of painting, sculpture and video by Cynthia Cruz and James Lincoln, two artists based at Thames-Side Studios.

Human limbs, hybrid forms, animal parts, and organic shapes dwell in landscapes of saturated palettes and patterned planes. Through shared interests in science fiction, caricature, animism and psychedelics both artists work intuitively to create fictitious scenes that inhabit the border between humour and terror.

About the artists:

Cynthia Cruz
Cynthia Cruz (b. Miami, FL) received her MFA from Goldsmiths University of London in 2014. She has exhibited in notable galleries and institutions including the Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami for film screening Optic Nerve and participated in The Strangeness Will Wear Off, David Castillo Gallery, Miami during Art Basel 2018. Her sound and moving image collaborative GROK had a video at the Focal Point Gallery for the Big Screen Southend. She won the ACME studio award for her MFA show in 2014 and had her solo show at ACME project space in Oct 2015. Shortlisted for the Griffin Art prize in 2016 she exhibited her work in the Griffin Gallery as one of the shortlisted artists. Cruz was selected for the Elephant residency in 2019.

James Lincoln
James Lincoln (b.1991, UK) lives and works in London. He received a BFA from the Slade School of Fine Art in 2014 and was co-director of Fat Relic Project Space from 2013-17. Recent exhibitions Include, Bring A Cup and The Hot Wax, organised alongside Eden Chau and Louis Morlet, Url/Irl Love and Direct Input, both at Muddy Yard Space, Dik Piks at Lady Beck, WSL in Seattle and Two Glass Eyes are Better Than One at Thames Side Studios Gallery, which he curated.

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