Thames-Side Studios Lounge: Peter Tingey (2 Jun-15 Jul 2018)

Thames-Side Studios Lounge

Peter Tingey
Exhibition Dates: 2 June-15 July 2018

Thames-Side Studios-based painter and graphic artist Peter Tingey (TW-41) studied graphic design and the applied arts at Camberwell School of Arts in the 1970s. After graduation, Tingey went on to work in a variety of occupations, including printmaking, publishing, film production, designing learning materials, teaching and Adult Education.

For Thames-Side Studios Lounge Peter Tingey presents a series of encounters with landscapes, friends and environments.

As Peter states, "all stem from ‘real’ experiences but pictures have a habit of taking over and dictating their own direction and emphases. Of course the work is about trying to make an interesting graphic representation of these events but it is also about the slow process of trying to understand the occurrences and make some sort of existential sense of the whole business. If I can paraphrase Dr. Johnson, ‘… as with the prospect of hanging in a fortnight, drawing and painting concentrates the mind wonderfully’."

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Images: Installation view, Thames-Side Studios Lounge; Peter Tingey, In the Pool 2, 121 x 91cm, acrylic on canvas, 2011; In a Maltese Garden 3, indian ink on paper, 33 x 22cm; Isle of the Dead, acrylic on canvas, 121 x 91cm, 2014; Tall Ship at the Thames Barrier, linocut, 33 x 22cm, 2014; all images courtesy the artist, 2018.

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