Thames-Side Studios Lounge: Kristina Page, Disorientated (21 Jul-2 Sep 2018)

Thames-Side Studios Lounge

Kristina Page Disorientated
Exhibition Dates: 21 July-2 September 2018

Thames-Side Studios-based painter Kristina Page (7-208) is presenting new works in the Lounge (Unit 0) over the Summer.

To be disoriented is to feel lost or confused. People who are disoriented either don’t know where they are because they’ve lost their sense of direction, or they don’t know who they are because they’ve lost their sense of self. Disoriented comes from the French word that means "to turn from the east."

My work refers to being disoriented - it is made without direction, and with no right or wrong way to be looked at. I aim to capture the fluidity of being, encouraging a viewer's eyes to wander, and hopefully one's thoughts as well. Places of rest, like landmarks for the eyes, are often avoided. Hints of some possible 'other' exists in the background, as we live in and from others' histories. I reflect through making art the difference between inventing ones reality, and reality itself, what we think we are and how this can change.

- Kristina Page, July 2018

Kristina Page studied fine art at Canterbury College of Art and art psychotherapy at Goldsmiths and has been a studio holder here since 2009. Originally a performer and choreographer Kristina now works as the studio manager at Studio Upstairs, a therapeutic community for adults with mental health issues. Follow Kristina on Instagram here

Image: Kristina Page, Disorientated, Thames-Side Studios Lounge installation views, 2018

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