Thames-Side Studios Lounge: Rosie Jackson, Processing (7 Apr-27 May 2018)

Thames-Side Studios Lounge

Rosie Jackson, Processing
Exhibition Dates: 7 April-27 May 2018

Anxiety is tied into the human brain's animalistic 'fight or flight' response, causing normal thought processes to become amplified and distorted. Sometimes anxiety can feel like a beast, sitting on my head, hot and heavy, gleefully stirring my brain with a spoon. It can worry me into a standstill. It taints my memories, distorts the truth, scares me when I'm alone. It conjures miserable endings, spirits, nonexistent problems and ridiculous fears. It has been helpful to channel these experiences into my artwork, making visible the colourful world anxiety helps create.

In my studio (TB-119) at Thames-Side I can paint a scene I'm not sure I saw, or a memory of a place I can't quite recall. I can draw myself holding myself together. I can let my imagination run riot with fantasies of creatures and ghosts that might haunt me. I can also manifest my worries about my local environment. I can amplify small objects until they are as big as a worrying thought. Sometimes these experiments have a kind of beauty to them, and sometimes, an unsettling strangeness.

My interest in folklore and animism also often enters my work through the appearance of otherworldly creatures and natural environments. As I am someone who feels there is something a little extra going on inside her, I often look for it elsewhere too. Sometimes I will think I have seen something stirring in woodland, a shape, a spirit, and my mind will create a story, one I often find myself believing.

As someone who is interested in the inner process, I am also interested in the process of using my materials. I often take an experimental approach with ink and paint. While I have overall control of how a painting is progressing, I like to allow natural forces like gravity, breath and wind to make their marks. The results are a compromise between control and organic movement, though it's the universal laws of physics that dictate how a drop of ink will spread on wet paper.

My exhibition at the Thames-Side Studios Lounge marks a happy return to being a practising artist after a break of many years. Many thanks to Phil and the team at Thames-Side Studios. - Rosie Jackson, March 2018

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Installation views courtesy the artist and Warren King Photography, 2018

Images: Rosie Jackson, Albie, acrylic ink on 400gsm watercolour paper, 152 x 121cm, 2018; Untitled, acrylic ink and gouache on 300gsm watercolour paper, 2017; Things you might find in the woods, acrylic ink and gouache on 300gsm watercolour paper, 2017; Heavy rain on my street, acrylic ink on 300gsm watercolour paper, 2017; Horse chestnut petal, acrylic ink on 300gsm watercolour paper, 2017; all images courtesy the artist, photography: Warren King.

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